Rotary POT

A dial type potentiometer with 0 to Vdd voltage range

Widget Interfaces

Id Interface Description
POT RotorWidget Variable voltage source

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Models an ideal potentiomer with internal connection to Gnd and Vss. The dial has a discrete number of positions which a create steps of Vdd/Positions. The output voltage is calculated as Vdd * ( Position / Positions). The maximumv voltage is Vdd * ( Positions -1 )/ Positons because Position = Positions rotates back to position = 0

To rotate the POT you use the mouse to drag the rotation dial or you can programmatically control the value through the RotorWidget interface.


Yes - Voltage source


Yes - Voltage source


Pin Name Description
1 -- Variable voltage source


Property Default Description
Positions 12 The number of positions on the rotary dial
Position 0 The current position