Wire Toolbox for placing wires and nets which act as virtual wires


Wire Color

Collection of state buttons showing the current wire color.

  • Click a color to set the current wire color and switch to wire mode

  • Use the L shortcut key to switch to wire mode using the current wire color from the Breadboard Design Sheet

When in Wire Mode

  • Left Click to start a wire at the current cursor location

  • Left Click to create a joint in the same wire at the current cursor location

Then Either

  • Left Double-Click to create a final joint end end the wire at the current cursor location


  • Right Click to end the wire at the last joint.

Wire Weight

Collection of state buttons showing the current wire weight.

  • Click a weight to set the current wire weight

  • Wire’s have double weight when both ends are connected


Net’s are named pins which form a virtual wire between all pins of the same net name.

Actions for net function


ShotCut Key




Set the Breadboard to Junction mode for drawing junctions between wires


Add a Net component to the Breadboard



Toggle the visibility of the virtual nets created by netlists


Hide wires from view

Junction Mode

Junctions are joints between wires. Wires are only active at the two ends and have joints along the wire to allow convienient routing of the wire in the design. Junctions enable two wires to join together at any location along the wire. Note: One of the wires must connect to the junction at an active end of the wire.


Adds a Net component to the Breadboard.

Show Net’s

Net’s create virtual wires between pins that share the same net name. Show net’s renders the virtual wires to visualizing hidden connectivity.

Hide Wires

It can be desireable for documentation or to reduce image complexity to hide the wires. Hide Wires toggles the wire visibility.

Net Helpers

Existing Nets

A list of existing net names in the current Breadboard Design Sheet.

Auto Increment

Stubs of common naming conventions with auto incemented names based on the existing net names. Makes it easier to add net’s without having to manually edit the names and check if the net name is unique.

Digital Pins

Shortcuts using the common Arduino Digital Pin names.

Analog Pins

Shortcuts using the commong Arduino Analog Pin names.