App Menu Navigation View

The Menu Navigation view slide out panel provides access to the file management, account, settings and other management features.


The platform workspace environment features:

  1. File Menu : New, Open, Save, Save as file options

  2. Export : Export and exchange VBB designs in SVG and KiCad formats

  3. Examples : Browse reference examples for quickstarting a project.

  4. Training : Awards based training system for getting started.

  5. Keyboard Shortcuts : Awards based training system for getting started.

  6. Hardware Store : Browse the available Avatar interface modules.

  7. What’s New : Displays the Splash Screen which contains news and quick access tutorials.

  8. Learn and Feedback : Access Documentation, YouTube and CodeLab Tutorials and Forum.

  9. Account : Account status and login.

  10. Settings : Project wide settings and App information.