Student Manager

Classroom administrators use the Student Manager to create and manage Student Accounts. The task of the Student Manager is to enable an Adminstrator to register Student Accounts by following these steps.

  1. Edit or import the list of Student Names

  2. Set a password for all Students.

  3. Click the Register Students Button


  • Student Names should be unique names.

  • The password should be unique to your classroom.

  • Student names and accounts can be changed and updated as required.

  • Students logged on when registrations are updated will have to logon again.

  • Only one student can be logged onto each student name at a time.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts are suitable for school use where there are often privacy concerns. A Student license only uses a nickname and is maintained by classroom administrator so there is no student information, email or microsoft account information stored with a Student Account. A Student Account has full access to VBB except with only a few restrictions:

Student Account Restricted Access:

  • Student Manager

  • Remotify Publishing

  • CDK Publishing

Student Manager Tools

  1. Classroom Subscription : A Classroom subscription is required to activate the Student Manager

  2. Student Manager : The Student Manager is access from the Student Manager Navigation Menu

  3. Student Names : The Student Manager maintains a list of editable student names representing a class

  4. PassPhrase : A shared password is created by editing the password textbox

  5. Import Student Names Button : Imports a list of student names

  6. Export Student Names Button : Export the current list of students can be d using this button

  7. Register Students Button : Create a Virtual Breadboard Student account for each named student with the shared passphrase

1. Classroom Subscription

To activate the Student Manager requires two accounts.

  • Microsoft Classroom Subscription

  • Virtual Breadboard Account

For more information about accounts see here : Account

If not activated the Student Manager will show the following message.


Microsoft Classroom Subscription

The Microsoft Classroom Subscription account manages the subscription information. There are 4 classroom subscriptions available to suit different class sizes of 10,20,30 and 60 students. These subscriptions are annual subscription and we have partnered with Microsoft using their In-App purchasing system to simplify the aquistion, invoicing, localised sales taxes and management of these licenses. When you start the Virtual Breadboard App your account information is already known from your Microsoft Windows 10 Logon and so the subscription information is queried automatically using this account.

A classroom subscriber will have the CLASSROOM name shown in their Account stutus


Note : There are actually 2 account required to work with the Student Manager so if only the subscription account is available ‘*’ is shown in the status name to show the account is only partially activated.

Virtual Breadboard Account

The Virtual Breadboard Account manages the access to Virtual Breeadboard Cloud backend. The Student Accounts are registered in the cloud which enables students to logon from any location. For more information on creating a Virtual Breadboard account see : Account

When both accounts are registered your account status will display CLASSROOM without the ‘*’ showing the CLASSROOM account is fully activated.


2. Student Manager

The Student Manager is access from the Navigation Menu.

3. Student Names

An editable collection of student names is managed by the Student Manager.

  • Clicking a name will highlight the text ready for editing

  • Use the Arrow keys to navigate between names

4. Pass Phrase

A single password is shared by all users. The Password should be longer than 6 letters and should be easy to remember but not super obvious.

5. Import Student Names

To make it easy to maintain class lists you can import a named list of students.

  • Should be a .txt file

  • One student per line

  • If more students are in the list than are available in the subscription the list will be truncated.

6. Export Student Names

To make it easy to maintain class lists you can Export a named list of students.

  • The file will be .txt file

  • One student per line

7. Register Students

Registers the current list of Student names creating a unique account for each student.

If you have students names that are not unique or there is some other error then you will receive a warning.

If the registration is sucessful you will receive a success message.