The LED component is an N array of Light Emitting Diode (LED) indicators.

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Schematic Symbol

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Roadmap: Bind schematic.



The Nth LED is ON when the Nth input pin is driven by greater than 2.5V otherwise the LED is OFF. The color of the LED is determined by the COLOR property. When the LED is ON the LED color is lighter than when OFF giving a visual clue to voltage level at the LED input pin. LEDs are a fundamental indicator of circuit status.

The voltage is considered a Boolean HIGH/LOW and the light is ON or OFF. PWM Fading is not modelled.


The LED Pins are modelled as a Standard Diode ( 0.7V voltage-drop ) in series with 220 Ohm resistor.

Roadmap : Parameterise the resistor and voltage-drop.


The LED Pins are Input Pins where is VAnode == HIGH and VCathode == LOW the LED lights up.


Pin Name Description
N Output[N] DIP Output. Nth Pin is 5V if the Nth switch is On State else is Gnd.


Property Default Description
Cathode Ground Determines how the cathode is connected
Color red The color of the LED indicator
PinCount 1 The number of pins.


The cathode connection is connected either internally to GND or is broken out as a PIN.



Color of LED.

Available Colors:

  • Red

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Yellow

Roadmap : Allow any named color.


The number of pins in the LED array.